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If you know which apps you would like to connect, their actions, triggers or endpoints, it’s simple then. if you don’t, it is still very simple. Let us help you understand better about API integration services.

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Automate with Enriched Workflows

We have a scalable platform and integration infrastructure to deliver good practices in API Integration for business workflow automation.

Automate with Enriched Workflows

We build custom APIs for your business applications in order to connect them with your other software systems and automate your business processes with process automation solutions.

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Get Workflow Intelligence

Our API integration experts can help you build the most efficient workflow management system that will connect your applications, to save time and efforts for improved management or increase your customer base.

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Bring Agility to your Enterprise

Marici Integrations is known for helping enterprises automate their processes by connecting
various systems in their ecosystem with business workflow automation.

  • Custom Integration Solutions
  • Off The Shelf Integration
  • Cloud Integration Solutions
  • On-Premise Integration
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Our Services for Building Integrations

We offer custom integration solutions, system integration services, process automation solutions, workflow management solutions and more to cater to various needs of industry domains.


Cloud & Data Warehousing

We can achieve business transformation with our process of cloud integration solutions to select, join and aggregate the data sets required to deploy on multi-field levels and for legacy migration.


Finance & Accounting

Accelerate the process of reporting, accounting and management of invoices with integrating different systems into one with our business process management services.


Communication & Customer Experience

Our Connectors for communication apps like Slack, JIRA can help your customer connect better. Enhance customer journey with custom integration solutions.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Optimize your business by connecting subsidiaries, databases and processes through API integration services.

We are Marici Integrations

0% Down-Time & Low Turn-Around Time 

Marici Integrations is a professional services arm of Marici Technology Solutions, Seattle (marici.io) that deals exclusively with business process automation.

We are experts in the design, deployment, and maintenance of APIs and their associated interactions. We have a scalable process & efficient integration infrastructure to deliver a full suite of integration platform connectors, marketplace apps, and API distribution channels.

  • Multi Level Data Transformation
  • Better Workflow Management
  • Reusable Workflows
  • Save Time & Effort
  • Generic Architecture
  • Easy Forensics